New products


Above water connected slatted cover


A unique stand on the market

• Functional and aesthetic design
• Controllable from a smartphone, 2 easy to use functions :
Open and close the slatted cover
Turn the lighting on and off, adjust the light intensity and select the colour
• Compliant with the NF P 90 308 standard

New colour

New polycarbonate slat


Two-Ply Transparent/Black

Polycarbonate slats can be ordered in various colours. Please ask us about the feasibility of your project.


2 new models


The range of application for ZITA is changing.

• ZITA for pools 1.10 m deep
• ZITA for pools 1.20 m deep
• ZITA for pools 1.50 m deep

Polycarbonate slats ABRIBLUE

Compliant with standard. Width 83 mm


All our polycarbonate slats have been approved as per the NF P 90-308 standard.
Similarly to our ABRIBLUE PVC slats (over 97.000 slatted covers fitted), all our polycarbonate slats have switched from 73 to 83 mm for better buoyancy, better aesthetics

• High mechanical strength and resistance to extreme climatic conditions.
• Solar sensor effect.