The Non'Co guarantee

The Non'Co® guarantee

Many clients tell us: “I want to install a discrete submerged cover, but I’m afraid of corrosion related issues. Is there a solution? “

This is an excellent question because, in theory, the corrosion of metals in pools is easily "managed". In practice it’s another story entirely!
The corrosion, which is almost inevitable, of the components (casing, shafts, sliders, etc.) of an submerged cover can be the cause of premature ageing or malfunctions in the long run.

In a pool, metal oxidation phenomena are aggravated by a number of factors:
• the presence of eddy currents,
• too low pH,
• a too high residual chlorine or bromine level,
• extended and/or frequent overdoses of water treatment products,
• too high temperatures...

Abriblue, the European pool cover leader, has focussed on searching for highly technical materials that provide resistance to corrosion phenomena without altering their other properties.

Abriblue has called on the Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques (CETIM) to accompany its research and provide its guarantee. Several years of tests on many pools have made it possible to prove the exactness of the expected performances and the excellent long term behaviour.

This is how the ”Non’Co” corrosion guarantee was born which offers up to 15 years of peace of mind, exclusively on covers from Abriblue, the French manufacturer and without any extra pricing.

The Non'Co guarantee applies to the IMM'Ax, IMM'Box, ZITA, DIVER and BANC cover lines for all casing and power supplies.