Similarly to the structure and motorisation, the slatted cover is an important element that must be chosen with care. Here too, Abriblue has chosen quality at all levels.

Material quality

• The Abriblue apron is made using heat insulated slats with 3 compartments for optimum buoyancy. Made from standardised, anti-stain treated PVC-U, composed of anti-U.V. calcium/zinc, or from polycarbonate, they offer excellent heat resistance.

• Abriblue slats are designed to withstand a total weight of at least 100 Kg (an adult carrying a child) moving along the pool length or width. Well in excess of the standard’s requirements, the raw materials we rigorously select bring you valuable benefits in terms of mechanical quality, surface appearance, fastness of the colours and durability.

Design and manufacture quality

• The slats can be cut square, in the standard finish, or shaped (depending on the slat type) to perfectly follow your pool lines. .

• Abriblue slats are assembled by clipping them together (easier, quick and strong).

Finish quality

• Our aprons are factory tested at each stage of their production.

• They are available in many colours, so that your cover blends perfectly with its environment.

• Each apron is delivered with its lift-proof safety system to be selected from the range of systems designed by Abriblue.


PVC Slats

• 83 mm slats
One of the best buoyancies on the market because contains a large volume of air and safer in the context of standard NF P 90-308.
A more accomplished look and easy to clean thanks to the limited number of gaps between slats (12 slats/linear metre).
Compatible with:
WING System®: lateral stairs / Coverlock: safety system / Brush wings / Wing-shaped finish / Removable wings.
The 83 mm slats have an exclusive colour: Marbled Blue.

• 76 mm slats
Great prices.

Polycarbonate Slats

• 83 mm slats
Suitable for all climates, from the coldest to the hottest.
Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and impacts (mainly to hail).

What do you risk with medium quality slats?

• Premature cover wear;

• too high stresses on the motor due to incorrectly adjusted or aligned covers that rub against the pool sides;

• floatability issues causing premature motor wear as the slats cause greater inertia during rolling or unrolling ;

• breakage issues, due to PVC quality that is not flexible or strong enough ;

• installation difficulties because the slats are not easy to assemble;

• additional maintenance constraints because the PVC is too porous or due to rough finishes that multiply areas for dirt to accumulate;

• even safety issues if malfunctions persist and increase.

Photo 1: Right-angled finish
Photo 2: Shaped finish

83 mm PVC slats

Polycarbonate slats