Abriblue has been a pool safety specialist for 30 years.

The 122,000 covers installed in Europe prove the unequalled experience in safety cover design and production. Innovation is one of the main driving forces behind Abriblue growth. The permanent quest for technical and practical solutions designed to offer users ever increasing comfort makes Abriblue covers unique and adaptable to almost all pools, from the simplest to the most complex, including the most extreme configurations.

For example:

• Well beyond the requirements of the French standard, the Non’Co® corrosion guarantee on submerged Abriblue covers guarantees the service life of the cover structure for up to 15 years. This is unique on the market.

Cover controlled using a smartphone. USING BLUETOOTH, the cover is controlled (as standard or as an option) using a specific app with a getting started guide.

The Selfeex® system is an automatic submerged cover locking system that operates mechanically. It requires no manual interventions, so no risk of forgetting or improper operation!

The Abriblue WING System® innovation makes it possible to cover the side areas of pools (steps, poolside, paddling pool, etc.) and therefore make pools that previously could not have safety systems safe.

The SURF System®, in its Banc or Open version, is a moving cover that makes it possible to free up space when the pool is in use, and the poolside when the pool is covered. It can be used to easily cover oval, polygonal or kidney-shape pools,…

The OPEN, BANC or IMM’Ax models are available in a Solar Energy version: all the advantages of a modern and ecological smartly built-in power supply using high yield photovoltaic panels. Ideal to avoid major power supply works.

• Our electric boxes can house a module to communicate with water treatment devices. This is essential to be able to automatically reduce water treatment production when the cover is closed.