Large slatted covers

Large slatted covers


ABRIBLUE is also your partner for public swimming pool safety.

Safety covers have many advantages:

• A true answer to energy savings issues.
• Reduced and controlled heating and operating costs.

Efficiency and comfort
• Pool access is very easy to manage.
• The users can experience the pleasure of outdoor swimming in winter.
• Those who practise sports appreciate the effectiveness of open air training.
• The operation of indoor and outdoor pools is optimised.

• Optimum protection system against accidental falls into the water.
• Products tested to withstand a moving load of 100 Kg.
• Integration adapted to the pool’s operational constraints.

ABRIBLUE is with you for your peace of mind:

• Over 120,000 covers designed, produced and installed in Europe and beyond.
• Specific recognised know-how for private and public pools.

• Integrated design office.
• Solutions for pools of all shapes and sizes.
• submerged, surface or out of pool integration, fixed or mobile.
• Special mechanism, double motorisation, multiple covers.
• Mastery of installation techniques.

Full accompaniment
• Design and quotations.
• Assistance in drawing up files and answering requests for proposals.
• Calculation of the thermal gain and insulation levels generated by the cover.
• Production.
• Management of logistics.
• Installation.
• Servicing and maintenance contracts.

Abriblue: your public pool safety partner.

Camp sites, aquatic centres, hotels, residences, local authority pools, etc.