New products

BANC D.sign

A slatted cover that converts to genuine outdoor furniture.


Its sober lines blend perfectly into the pool environment.

Made from wood and metal, its finishes are outstanding and its dimensions controlled.
2 versions along with a wide choice of options for multiple combinations.
Its structure facilitates its installation and maintenance.

IMM'Ax serenity option…

...the best of technology.


An option that offers the adjustment, control and exchange of data using

An innovating application providing total comfort, making it possible to simply manage and configure the cover features:
• Opening/closure control.
• Getting started guide.
• Control security locked by a code.
• Automatic recognition.
• Limit switch setting.
• Support for installation and troubleshooting.
• Water level security.
• Motorisation security.


Black colour base stand


Functional and aesthetic design

• MOOD LIGHTING for a customised exterior using a wide palette of colours.
• DESIGN Redesigned base stands combining finesse, modernity and strength.

Selfeex safety fixings

Safety without constraints or compromise


Selfeex is an automatic submerged cover locking system that operates mechanically.

It requires no manual interventions, so no risk of forgetting or improper operation!
• Mechanical STRENGTH and corrosion resistance.
• STAND-ALONE, no manual interventions required.
• ADAPTABLE to existing submerged covers, at different width positions and variable water levels.

After sales video tutorials

The ideal support to guide you in your interventions


Simple, clear and practical. Check them out in your Nextpool PRO AREA.

Abriblue makes available its “Malfunction test guides” available in video format for the different cover models.
Go to:
› PRO Area
› “Abriblue” tab
› “Advice and assistance” section

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