All covers manufactured by Abriblue are compliant with the French NF-P 90 308 standard...

...approved by the French LNE (National Test Laboratory) , delivered with installation instructions and recommendations for use.
Safety has been Abriblue’s exclusive business for almost 25 years, long before the French pool safety act became applicable on 3rd January 2003.

The Act applies to the following circumstances:
• New build pools: since January 1st 2004.
• Pools on rented properties: since 1st May 2004.
• All existing pools that are within the scope of the Act: since 1st January 2006.

Our covers therefore especially include:
- A mandatory cover safety system (slat anchoring at the pool ends) which is activated each time the pool is covered and unlocked when it is uncovered.
- A key operated control that is not accessible to unauthorised persons (children for example). Your Abriblue cover will meet the following requirements, amongst others:

A young child must not be able to pass under the cover or to sink when walking on it. The covers must withstand the weight of a 100 kg adult without suffering any tearing or tearing off of the anchoring systems.

• The poolside anchoring system must not suffer any damage subsequent to a 50 kg weight impact. The anchoring systems must not be a cause of injury to children.

• In general, the materials used in the cover, the anchoring systems and the fixture systems must be compliant with applicable French and European standards.

Abriblue: protect, enjoy!